Will you be my Maid/Matron of Honor?

When selecting your Maid or Matron of Honor, it’s a no-brainer to chose a close friend or sibling. However, be sure that they are up for the task. The MOH role comes with a lot of responsibilities. Make your expectations known, be clear and concise.

MOH’s are usually in charge of the bridal activities and are a bride’s confidant throughout the planning process. Let’s not forget that there is a huge financial responsibility as well. Purchasing the gown, shoes, hair, makeup (if the bride is not covering this expense), travel if this a destination wedding, accommodations, bachelorette party festivities, bridal shower expenses, and more are financial responsibilities that a MOH will be responsible for. Time is also a factor. Share that all activities will take place during a specific time frame and confirm that they are available.

If the role is too much for them to handle, share other options with no hard feelings. There are plenty of roles they can take on. Bridesmaids have responsibilities as well, but this role does not hold the same weight a MOH has. Hostesses have a small but important role as well, but with fewer responsibilities.

I have witnessed so many brides experience additional stress because they simply failed to “have the talk”. Set your expectations early and do not hesitate. Your peace of mind during one of the happiest times in your life is important. Have the talk.

My Bridesmaids! Aren’t they CUTE?!
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